Since 2012, our adorable, cupcake-topped food trucks “Petunia” and “Penelope” have driven around Indy filled to the hubcaps
with our world-famous cupcakes.


Jumbo cupcakes are BIG and individually packaged – $5.95 each.

Minimum pre-order (prepaid) of 150 Jumbo Cupcakes or a guarantee of sales of 150 Jumbo Cupcakes.

Additional time and travel fees added.



Available Cupcake Flavors for Truck Events

Red Velvet Elvis
Salted Chocolate Caramel
Happy Birthday to Me (Vanilla and/or Chocolate)
Here Comes the Bride
Pretty in Pink
Peanut Butter Blackout
Bart Simpson
Confetti, Set, Go!
Pucker Up
Burt Reynolds
Tom Selleck
Ebony & Ivory
I’ll Drink to That! Pink Champagne
KooKoo for Coconuts
Candyland (Vanilla and/or Chocolate)
Cookies and Cream
Gimme S’more
Lemonberry Zinger
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Gluten-Free & Vegan Option*
*In addition to the 5 of our traditional flavors,
feel free to add one gluten free & vegan option to your menu for your guests!