Since 2012, our adorable, cupcake-topped food trucks “Petunia” and “Penelope” have driven around Indy filled to the hubcaps
with our world-famous cupcakes.


Jumbo cupcakes are BIG and individually packaged – $5.95 each.

Minimum pre-order (prepaid) of 150 Jumbo Cupcakes or a guarantee of sales of 150 Jumbo Cupcakes.

Additional time and travel fees added.



Available Cupcake Flavors for Truck Events

Salted Chocolate Caramel
Happy Birthday to Me (Vanilla and/or Chocolate)
Here Comes the Bride
Pretty in Pink
Peanut Butter Blackout
Bart Simpson
Confetti, Set, Go!
Pucker Up
Burt Reynolds
Tom Selleck
Ebony & Ivory
I’ll Drink to That! Pink Champagne
KooKoo for Coconuts
Candyland (Vanilla and/or Chocolate)
Cookies and Cream
Gimme S’more
Lemonberry Zinger
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Gluten-Free & Vegan Option*
*In addition to the 5 of our traditional flavors,
feel free to add one gluten free & vegan option to your menu for your guests!