Cupcakes 'n Stuff

Our bakery cases are full of lots of flavors daily
in our signature Jumbo size!

Smaller size cupcakes are available by pre-order: our “Regular size” (minimum order of 6 cupcakes per flavor) and “Mini” size (minimum order of 2 dozen minis).

Classic Flavors

Jumbo Cupcakes (biggest cupcake in Indy): $4.95 each ($8 by-the-dozen discount available!)
Regular Cupcakes: $4.50 each (by custom order only; $8 by-the-dozen discount available!)
Mini Cupcakes: $24 per dozen (by custom order only, minimum order of 2 dozen)

Custom Cupcake Decorating Fees

As always, tinting icing any color and adding your choice of sprinkles are FREE!

Additional Décor Fees for Cupcakes
We can custom design and decorate any jumbo cupcake!  We never use fondant: 100% buttercream only!
Minimum of 1 dozen Jumbo cupcakes per design.
Jumbo Cupcakes: +$24.00 décor fee per dozen
Individual boxing of each cupcake available for $1.00/box!

 Gluten-Free & Vegan Cupcakes

We offer a selection of gluten-free cupcakes and vegan cupcakes in each of our locations daily!

Gluten-Free OR Vegan Cupcakes $5.95 each ($8 by-the-dozen discount available)

We also offer items which are both gluten-free and vegan by special order (both GF AND V $6.25 each)

PLEASE NOTE: Gluten- and vegan/dairy-free cupcakes are prepared in a shared kitchen on shared equipment.  We do not guarantee these special cupcakes contain no trace amounts of gluten and/or dairy.  Consult with your doctor before consuming.


Cookies, Brownies & Such

Our Sugar Cookie is an instant favorite – sweet with a hint of salt and available at all locations! Additionally, we offer other treats including brownies and lemon bars.  Custom decorated sugar cookies are available with a décor fee of $2/cookie and a minimum of 6 cookies per design.