The Flying Cupcake proudly donates to a large number of non-profit organizations annually.  As the number of requests from worthy causes continues to grow, the Flying Cupcake finds itself in the undesirable position of saying "no" to more local schools' requests than in the past.  As a mother of 3 school-aged lil' cupcakes, owner Kate Drury understands the importance of local PTOs and school funding to support a variety of worthwhile programs.  To this end, The Flying Cupcake is proud to launch THE FLYING CUPCAKE SCHOOL PROJECT!  This charitable initiative with account for approximately 90% of all donations forward. 

Specifically, the Flying Cupcake School Project is a Dine2Donate program that will donate 15% of gross sales specifically attributed to your school's students and their families/friends on a specific date.  Below please find the criteria for your school to meet inorder to be eligible to participate:
  • School must be an accredited pre-K through 12th grade educational institution
  • School must be certified as a non-profit organization
  • School may be public or private in nature
  • PTO organizations encouraged to participate
  • School Athletic departments, school boosters and school-sponsored clubs eligible 
  • School must be located within 5 miles of any of our locations. 

If you would like to set up a Dine2Donate date, please email Kate with the following required information to  
  • Name and address of School    
  • Name of organization affiliated with school
  • Contact name, phone number, and email address
  • Closest Flying Cupcake or Dancing Donut location
  • Specify preferred date for the fundraiser.  
  • It must be a Monday or Tuesday.   
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