About RAW

With so many customers requesting cupcakes free from gluten and dairy and vegan friendly, it’s easy to see why folks felt left out by our sugary, flour-filled, egg ‘n butter focused “regular” menu! 

In response to those of you who choosenot to consume gluten or have a gluten intolerance and for those of you who observe a vegan diet, The Flying Cupcake RAW opened in April, 2013!  Using organic ingredients when possible, RAW offers a full range of gluten free and vegan cupcake options.  Not sure if it’s safe for your special diet? Please consult with your physician if you have a medical intolerance to gluten or a dairy allergy.  While we consulted with professionals in creating our menu, please understand we are not licensed medical folks (doctors, nurses or otherwise), dietician or nutritionists; we are bakers and cupcake makers who love to make people happy!   We can provide you with a list of ingredients so you can decide if it’s right for you and your diet!

Raw Menu

(Vegan & Gluten-free)

Regular Cupcakes $4.75

Apple Bottoms
Delicious apple butter cupcake topped with cinnamon ‘buttercream’ and caramel drizzle! 

Apple Pie Redux
Cinnamon crumb cake bursting with apple filling and topped with cinnamon ‘buttercream’ and brown sugar penuche. This ain’t your grandma’s typical apple pie!

Banana French Toast
Delectable banana cake topped with maple ‘dreamcheese’ icing. Have a taste of breakfast any time of the day!

Bunny’s Favorite Carrot

Made with carrots, coconut and pineapple. The perfect blend of spices and topped with rich ‘dreamcheese’ frosting and pecans!

Busta Lime
Our lovely lime cake, filled with scratch made lime curd and topped with coconut whipped cream!

Chocolate Snowball
Classic chocolate cake topped with rich ‘dreamchees’ frosting and rolled in sweet coconut shreds.

Dreamsicle Remix
Our take on a summertime favorite; vanilla cake scented with orange zest, filled with vanilla ‘cream’ and adorned with creamy orange ‘buttercream.’

Drink Me Chai Tea
You’ll be floating through Wonderland with this delicious vanilla chai cake topped with chai infused ‘buttercream.’

Grass Hoppin’ Mint Chip
The perfect combination of mint & chocolate that will have you leaping mountains singing in song! Chocolate cake topped with mint ‘buttercream’ showered in chocolate chips!

It’s Not a Hoho
Rich chocolate cake filled with homemade vanilla ‘cream’ and topped with chocolate ganache.

I’ve Lost My Marbles
Seize the day! We’ve found your marbles! Enjoy classic marble cake swirled with both chocolate and vanilla ‘buttercream.’

Lemon Almond Yogurt
Light notes of lemon and almond, this yogurt cake is filled with fresh lemon curd and topped with lemon ‘dreamcheese’ and zest!

Lime in the Coconut
We put the lime AND the coconut in our vanilla cake! Filled with our homemade lime curd and topped with our luscious coconut ‘dreamcheese.’

Mexican Hot Chocolate
Good ole chocolate cake spiced with cayenne pepper and cinnamon, then topped with chocolate ‘buttercream’ and another sprinkle of cinnamon and cayenne.

Nuttin’ Better
A peanut butter lover’s dream! Peanut butter cake topped with our fluffy peanut butter ‘buttercream.’

Peanut Butter Jelly Time
A classic flavor combination perfected! Peanut butter cake filled with our scratch strawberry preserves and topped with our classic vanilla ‘buttercream.’

Pucker Up Remix
Classic lemon cake topped with our luscious lemon ‘buttercream’ and filled with homemade lemon curd. Pucker up!

Pumpkin Harvest
A perfectly spiced pumpkin cake topped with an irresistible vanilla ‘dreamcheese’ frosting. To make it even more delicious, it’s drizzled with our caramel brown sugar penuche! YUM!

Pumpkin Spice Latte
Deliciously moist pumpkin cakes filled with espresso whipped coconut milk and topped with pumpkin spice espresso “buttercream”.

Raw Wiedersehen
Our classic chocolate cake mounded with homemade coconut and pecan topping. Ja bitte!

Salty Dawg
Gather ‘round all ye scallywags for yer favorite chocolate caked filled with sweet and salty caramel and swirled with our caramel ‘buttercream.’

Southern Belle Peach
We start with our cinnamon cake and fill it with our house-made peach preserves then top with cinnamon ’buttercream’ and pecan crumble. So sweet, even Dolly Parton would blush!

Violet Beauregard
You’re turning violet, Violet! Our violet vanillacake loaded with juicy blueberries and toppedwith vanilla ‘buttercream’ and brown sugarpecan crumble.

Cookie, Brownies, Etc.

Cinnamon Rolls
No dairy, gluten or guilt… just ooey and gooey, cinnamony and flaky dough with rich ‘dreamcheese’ on top! Pan of 8: $34.95

Cookie Sammies
Why leave the sandwiches at the deli? Our sandwich is chocolate or vanilla ‘buttercream’ swirled between two oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! $4.95

Holy Oats Cookies
You’ll definitely need a glass of Silk milk to go with this one! Classic oatmeal cookie pleasantly filled with chocolate chips! $3.50

I Can’t Believe My Eyes, Oatmeal CreamPies!
Lil Debbie… we got this! Fluffy house-made cinnamon ‘buttercream’ fills these sandwiched sinfully delicious oatmeal cookies! $4.25

Lucy’s Favorite Peanut Butter ChocolateChip CookiesA special recipe provided by a good friend, Lucy’s dream is a blend peanut butter and chocolate. Three cookies per order are included because one is not enough! $3.50

Pudgy Pumpkin Cookies
‘Tis the season for sweets and spice and everything nice! Our pudgy pumpkin cookies are loaded with chocolate chips! Sold in sets of two… you’ll thank us later. $4.75

Pumpkin Pie
All the holiday spirit of traditional pumpkin pie with only 2-day notice needed! $29

Our Very Best Brownies
Delicious and chewy gooey brownies topped with other chocolate ganache, vanilla ‘dreamcheese’ or peanut butter icing! $4.50

Sugar, Yes Please
Sugar cookie topped with royal icing. It’s have you singing along with Adam, “need a little sweetness in my life!” $4.95

Jumbo Cupcakes $5.35

Apple Butter Pecan
Vanilla apple butter cake baked generously with pecans, filled with apple butter and topped with our very own apple butter “dream cheese”.

Bananas Foster
Moist banana bread cake topped with cinnamon ‘buttercream’ and a drizzle of caramel brown sugar penuche.

Bluth Family Chocolate Covered Banana There’s always money in the banana stand! Banana cake smothered in rich chocolate ganache.

Butterbrick Coconut
Rich, dense cookie-cake with a touch of coconut and topped with our ‘dreamcheese’ frosting.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Chocolate cake filled with house-made strawberry preserves and topped with chocolate ‘dreamcheese’ frosting.

Cinnamon Toast
It’s the breakfast of champions! Cinnamon vanilla cake swirled with cinnamon sugar ‘buttercream.’

Cookie Dough
Vanilla chocolate chip cake filled with chocolate chip cookie dough. Topped with our chocolate ‘buttercream’ and chocolate chip cookies!

Ebony & Ivory
Classic chocolate cake topped with vanilla ‘dreamcheese’ frosting and sprinkled with chocolate chips!

Happy Birthday Chocolate or Vanilla

Classic chocolate or vanilla cake swirled with chocolate or vanilla ‘buttercream.’ It will make it feel like your birthday every day of the year!

Hoosier Buckeye
Rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate pudding and topped with peanut butter ‘dreamcheese’ frosting!

It’s Not a Reese’s
Two great tastes that taste great together! Peanut butter cake topped with chocolate ‘dreamcheese’ frosting.

Lemon Blueberry Tutti Fruitti
Wop-bop-a-loom-a-blop-bam-blueberry! Lemon blueberry cake topped with lemon zest ‘dreamcheese’ frosting.

Mary Chocolate Raspberry
Chocolate cake delicately filled with raspberry preserves with a healthy dollop of chocolate ganache on top. Mary Berry would be proud!

Mocha Choco-Latte Yaya
Rich chocolate cake filled with our scratch vanilla ‘cream’ and topped with light and fluffy espresso ‘buttercream.’

Monkey’s Delight
Caution: Keep away from the pet monkey! Banana bread cake topped with vanilla ‘buttercream’ and a banana chip.

Old Ball & Chain
It’s almost too good to be true! The perfect almond wedding cake! Almond cake topped with almond ‘buttercream.’ It’s love at first bite… and second… and third…

Poppin’ Brown Sugar Tart
Crumbly goodness in the sweet and slightly spicy cinnamon and applesauce cake! Filled with savory brown sugar sauce and topped with cinnamon buttercream, yum!

Puddin’ Pop
Rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate pudding and topped with chocolate ‘dreamcheese’ frosting!

Raspberry Beret
I was working part time in a five-and-dime store.. When I saw this yummy swirled raspberry cake topped with raspberry ‘dreamcheese.’

Sassypants Strawberry
Sure to satisfy even the sassiest of sweet tooths, this strawberry cupcake is topped with strawberry ‘dreamcheese’ frosting swirled withreal strawberries!

Skinny Fat Elvis
Skinny or not so much, we love our Elvis almostas much as our Elvis loves chocolate, peanutbutter and bananas combined! Banana cakefilled with chocolate pudding and topped with ourpeanut butter ‘buttercream!’

Straw-Bey Lemonade
Scrumptious lemon cake loaded with ourhouse-made strawberry preserves and toppedwith a lovely light lemon ‘buttercream!’

Strawberry Shortcake
Classic vanilla cake filled with our house-madestrawberry preserves and topped with vanilla‘buttercream!’ It’s surely a blue ribbon taste!

Vanilla Latte
Missed your beloved coffee break today? Thiswill settle your espresso craving without keepingyou up all night. Vanilla cake filled with vanilla‘cream’ and topped with a cloud of espresso‘buttercream!’

What a Crumb!
Crumbly goodness in the sweet and slightlyspicy cinnamon applesauce cake! The Sweetcinnamon sugar pecan crumble is baked right in!

Whoa Blackberry Bam-ba-lam
Lovely lemon cake loaded with our house-madeblackberry preserves and topped withblackberry ‘buttercream.’Cookies, Brownies,

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are all the cupcakes on the TFC RAW menu both gluten and dairy free?
A:  YES!  All of the cupcakes are void of ingredients containing gluten, dairy and are mindful of a vegan diet.  Please note that our “Honey, I Love Bananas!” cupcake is topped with a frosting containing honey and therefore is NOT considered a Vegan Friendly option although the cake itself does not contain honey.  

Q:  Hey wait a minute!  Can I still get “Regular” gluten filled and dairy infused cupcakes at this location?!  I NEED a Red Velvet Elvis!
A:  YES…no worries!  Our 5617 N. Illinois Street location will offer BOTH menus to customers just in two separate display cases!

Q:  Can I get items off of your RAW menu at other locations that I live closer too?
A:  Sorry, no.  Our other locations will continue to offer a daily selection of both vegan and gluten free cupcakes.

 Can I cancel my order after I placed it?
A:  Yes and No.  Because we order ingredients in advance to make sure we have everything ready to make your order, we accept cancellations for a full refund up to and through 8 days before your original order pick up date. Cancellations made 7 days through 3 days prior to the original order pick up date may be made but only for in-store credit good for 6 months from date of cancellation.  Sorry but we cannot issue refunds or in-store credits for any orders cancelled within 2 days of the original pick up date.  Sorry, no exceptions.

  But if you have both menus at this location, how do I know that the gluten free and dairy free cupcakes won’t come into contact with each other? 
A:  Our staff is trained to be sensitive to cross-contamination of both menu items and, in fact, all RAW cupcakes are displayed in their own display case on their own special trays. Raw goodies are baked onsite while our “regular” menu items are baked at our Carmel location and then transported to the Illinois Street location daily.  Of course, while we exercise every possible precaution to ensure cross-contamination is at an extreme minimum, we nonetheless cannot guarantee it and strongly recommend if you have a serious gluten or dairy allergy you should consult with your physician first.  

Why are your RAW menu items so much more $ than the Regular menu items?
A: Trust us…we know!  We have made every effort to source ingredients in the most cost efficient manner.  However, simply put, this stuff cost more and in some instances a lot!  We do offer a discount when cupcakes are purchased by the dozen, however.

  I have a lot of allergies…can I get the recipe to see what’s in this stuff?
A:  No…but we will give you a general ingredient list! You are the best judge of whether a treat is safe for you to consume or not.  We are happy to make any inquiries from manufacturers specific to your questions on your behalf!

But I am allergic to nuts!  I can’t eat Sugar!  I can’t tolerate Soy! Now what?
A:  Whoa!  One thing at a time!  We are always listening to you and what you would like, but at the present time we cannot guarantee that our products haven’t been in contact with nuts, sugar or soy or other ingredients.

  Do you use sugar in the raw or cane sugar? 
A:  Sugar in the Raw is crazy expensive.  To keep costs down, we use traditional cane sugar from Indiana Sugar who certifies their processing methods do not utilize cow bone ash (yuck).  Our cane sugar is vegan certified.  The certification is on site for your review should you wish to verify!

What flour do you use in your recipes?  
A:  We use a special blend of gluten free flours we call “Raw Mix” which contains a blend of tapioca flour, potato starch and brown rice flour and, in some recipes, almond meal as well.

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