Find Petunia and Penelope!

Oh they are driving around! They are pink, they are cute, and they are filled to the hubcaps with our famous cupcakes! You can often find them at special city events, charity events, or parked downtown during lunch time!

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Request Petunia or Penelope!

Want to see Petunia or Penelope hanging around your office (parking lot that is) or at a specific location? Please email us at and tell us! We will do our best to point Petunia or Penelope in the direction where YOU want them to go! For office requests, please note that we will need permission from the property manager to park in the private parking lot. There is also a minimum pre-purchase or guaranteed purchase of 150 jumbo cupcakes.

Rent Petunia or Penelope!

Petunia and Penelope are available for private rental for special events such as weddings and bridal showers, birthday bashes, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, graduation parties, Sweet 16 parties, baby showers, employee or customer appreciation events and any event under the sun! For everything from the most intimate engagement to large scale promotional events, Petunia and Penelope are ready to make your event even more memorable! To make an inquiry about having Petunia or Penelope parked at your special event, please email us at:

Please note that there is a 150 cupcake purchase minimum to book Petunia or Penelope privately. Also, there will be additional time/travel fees for your event which are based upon the event location.

Please provide us with details about your event such as:

• The specific address of the event

• The date of the event

• The number of anticipated guests

• Your name

• Your phone number

• Your email address

Petunia or Penelope will contact you soon to plan your special event! 

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