Penelope and Petunia Cupcake Food Truck

Since 2012, our adorable, cupcake-topped food trucks ("Petunia" & "Penelope") have been driving around Indy filled to the hubcaps with our world-famous cupcakes.

Perfect for:

Corporate Events
Customer Appreciation Events
Employee Appreciation Events
Festivals and/or Community events
Birthday Celebrations
Grand Openings
Anniversary Celebrations
Baby/Bridal Showers
Office Visits
Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
& More!

Minimums & Cupcake Flavors

For all events, we ask for either a minimum pre-purchase of 150 jumbo cupcakes OR a guaranteed purchase of 150 jumbo cupcakes (in the event we do not sell 150 jumbo cupcakes, you agree to purchase the difference at the conclusion of the event).
For any event, you may select up to 5 flavors from the following options to offer your guests:
Red Velvet Elvis
Salted Chocolate Caramel
Happy Birthday to Me (vanilla and/or chocolate)
Here Comes the Bride
Pretty in Pink
Peanut Butter Blackout
The Bart Simpson
Confetti, Set, Go!
Pucker Up
Burt Renyolds/ Tom Selleck
Ebony and Ivory
I'll Drink to That Champagne
KooKoo for Coconuts
Candyland (vanilla and/or chocolate)
Cookies and Cream
Gimme S'more
Lemonberry Zinger
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Gluten Free And Vegan Options
In addition to the 5 of our traditional flavors, feel free to add one gluten free option and/or one vegan option to your menu for guests!

Cost to Rent Petunia or Penelope

Cupcakes are baked fresh the morning of your event and individually packaged in our custom-designed clamshell container topped with a cute Flying Cupcake sticker! Cupcakes are perfect for immediate or future enjoyment (guests can take them to enjoy later that day or even the next day)! All cupcakes on our trucks are jumbo size only and priced at $5.00 plus tax.

Additionally, there is a time/travel fee applied to all private events depending on the distance from our Carmel location, the time of day, and the duration of time you would like us to remain onsite.

Time and Travel Fees:
Time/ Travel for up to 2 hours Window Service between 10am-4pm: up to $125.00 (depending on the location of event)
Time/ Travel for up to 2 hours Window Service between 4pm -9pm: up to $175.00 * Premium Time (depending on the location of event)
Time/ Travel for up to 2 hours Window Service after 9pm: up to $199.00 *After Hours (depending on the location of event)


If you would like to book the truck, please email us at with all the details including:
Your Name/ Contact Info
Location of your event
What type of event?
Date/Time of event
Expected Attendance
Pre Purchasing or guaranteeing?

School Carnivals and Other Events/ Non-Profits

Send us an email if you would like us to participate in an upcoming school event! Please include the following info in your email:
Your Name/ Contact Info
Name/Location of School
Date/Time of event
Expected Attendance
For most school events, we still ask for a guaranteed minimum of 150 jumbo cupcakes but we will reduce the time/travel fee depending on the location of your school and the size of the expected attendance!

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