About RAW

With so many customers requesting cupcakes free from gluten and dairy and vegan friendly, it’s easy to see why folks felt left out by our sugary, flour-filled, egg ‘n butter focused “regular” menu! 

In response to those of you who choosenot to consume gluten or have a gluten intolerance and for those of you who observe a vegan diet, The Flying Cupcake RAW opened in April, 2013!  Using organic ingredients when possible, RAW offers a full range of gluten free and vegan cupcake options.  Not sure if it’s safe for your special diet? Please consult with your physician if you have a medical intolerance to gluten or a dairy allergy.  While we consulted with professionals in creating our menu, please understand we are not licensed medical folks (doctors, nurses or otherwise), dietician or nutritionists; we are bakers and cupcake makers who love to make people happy!   We can provide you with a list of ingredients so you can decide if it’s right for you and your diet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are all the cupcakes on the TFC RAW menu both gluten and dairy free?
A:  YES!  All of the cupcakes are void of ingredients containing gluten, dairy and are mindful of a vegan diet.  Please note that our “Honey, I Love Bananas!” cupcake is topped with a frosting containing honey and therefore is NOT considered a Vegan Friendly option although the cake itself does not contain honey.  

Q:  Hey wait a minute!  Can I still get “Regular” gluten filled and dairy infused cupcakes at this location?!  I NEED a Red Velvet Elvis!
A:  YES…no worries!  Our 5617 N. Illinois Street location will offer BOTH menus to customers just in two separate display cases!

Q:  Can I get items off of your RAW menu at other locations that I live closer too?
A:  Sorry, no.  Our other locations will continue to offer a daily selection of both vegan and gluten free cupcakes.

 Can I cancel my order after I placed it?
A:  Yes and No.  Because we order ingredients in advance to make sure we have everything ready to make your order, we accept cancellations for a full refund up to and through 8 days before your original order pick up date. Cancellations made 7 days through 3 days prior to the original order pick up date may be made but only for in-store credit good for 6 months from date of cancellation.  Sorry but we cannot issue refunds or in-store credits for any orders cancelled within 2 days of the original pick up date.  Sorry, no exceptions.

  But if you have both menus at this location, how do I know that the gluten free and dairy free cupcakes won’t come into contact with each other? 
A:  Our staff is trained to be sensitive to cross-contamination of both menu items and, in fact, all RAW cupcakes are displayed in their own display case on their own special trays. Raw goodies are baked onsite while our “regular” menu items are baked at our Carmel location and then transported to the Illinois Street location daily.  Of course, while we exercise every possible precaution to ensure cross-contamination is at an extreme minimum, we nonetheless cannot guarantee it and strongly recommend if you have a serious gluten or dairy allergy you should consult with your physician first.  

Why are your RAW menu items so much more $ than the Regular menu items?
A: Trust us…we know!  We have made every effort to source ingredients in the most cost efficient manner.  However, simply put, this stuff cost more and in some instances a lot!  We do offer a discount when cupcakes are purchased by the dozen, however.

  I have a lot of allergies…can I get the recipe to see what’s in this stuff?
A:  No…but we will give you a general ingredient list! You are the best judge of whether a treat is safe for you to consume or not.  We are happy to make any inquiries from manufacturers specific to your questions on your behalf!

But I am allergic to nuts!  I can’t eat Sugar!  I can’t tolerate Soy! Now what?
A:  Whoa!  One thing at a time!  We are always listening to you and what you would like, but at the present time we cannot guarantee that our products haven’t been in contact with nuts, sugar or soy or other ingredients.

  Do you use sugar in the raw or cane sugar? 
A:  Sugar in the Raw is crazy expensive.  To keep costs down, we use traditional cane sugar from Indiana Sugar who certifies their processing methods do not utilize cow bone ash (yuck).  Our cane sugar is vegan certified.  The certification is on site for your review should you wish to verify!

What flour do you use in your recipes?  
A:  We use a special blend of gluten free flours we call “Raw Mix” which contains a blend of tapioca flour, potato starch and brown rice flour and, in some recipes, almond meal as well.

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